From €135.16
The brace helps dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, reducing pain by exerting bilateral compression on the hips. It is effective for all degrees of dysplasia including degree E (the most severe).
Medical Pet coveralls are a valid professional alternative to the Elizabethan collar and an excellent system for the protection of wounds and bandages. The design was studied based on the shape and anatomy of the animals, making them comfortable and comfortable. For the creation of the bodysuits a stretchy, breathable lycra cotton was used, capable of...
MPS - HLS Hind Leg Sleeves (hind legs) protect wounds and bandages and are useful in the case of dermatological diseases allowing total freedom of movement. Equipped with two sleeves for the hind limbs joined by an adjustable velcro and equipped with elastic straps useful for adjusting the size. For a correct positioning, the shorts must always be used...
Orthopedic rompers


From €34.34
Body with hypoallergenic and ecological inner fabric, 100% organic cotton tested and certified by VIS consortium - dress in health. • Use of CURA PETS is recommended after surgery, for any wound infections, allergies, purulent eczema, flea and mite scabuies dermatitis. • Easy and comfortable to wear allows your pets to move freely. • Available in 15 sizes...
From €112.00
The BT LUX brace is designed to limit overall abduction of the shoulders of your 4-legged friend. It can be used for minor issues (like inflammation) and for shoulder diseases that require limiting abduction and movement of the joint. It can also be used as a post-operative device to promote gradual rehabilitation of the joint.
From €68.77
The BT BONE brace is an alternative to the more common splints or casts used to treat traumas caused by fractures to the front leg including those between the radius-ulna and radius-carpus.
From €36.88
Before proceeding with your purchase, make sure you have taken the right measurement of the brace, as indicated in the section below. If in doubt, please contact the company.
From €96.71
Before proceeding with your purchase, make sure you have taken the right measurement of the brace, as indicated in the section below. If in doubt, please contact the company.
BT UP- Orthopaedic Brace Spine/Back Legs Support The brace is used in case the dog has issues/pathologies to the spine or back legs (i.e. ostheoartritis, arthritis, hip displacement, paralysis or partial paralysis of the back legs) and every time it cannot walk autonomously.
Orthopedic braces

BT NECK DOG - Rigid neck brace

From €49.99
RIGID NECK BRACE The rigid neck brace prevents the dog from biting the part of the body that has undergone surgery. In this way it cannot remove the sutures or ingest medications which have been applied to the wound. 
Orthopedic braces

BT HOCK - Hock Brace For Dogs

From €46.71
HOCK BRACE This brace is used in case of lesions of the hock joint, to contrast symptoms such as pain, lameness or difficulty in moving. 
From €46.71
CARPAL BRACE The carpal brace is used in case of carpus lesions, lameness or moving difficulties. The brace provides benefits thanks to the stability it gives to the dog since it improves the ligaments functioning. 
Orthopedic braces

BT SOFT- Elbow brace

From €35.99
ELBOW BRACE Designed to protect the dog’s elbow, the brace is used in cases of hygromas, sores and calluses on the elbow. It is fitted with comfortable replaceable padding.
 BRACE FOR CARPAL AND TARSUS LIGAMENTOUS LAXITY   BT SPLINT brace is suitable for dogs and cats which ligaments problems of the anterior paws have been caused by accidents, trauma or illness. The device is made of breathable and washable material. It is made of an angular aluminium stick which allows the dog’s or cat’s paw to stay in the right...
From €148.35
BT-JUMP-DUAL is a dog double knee brace designed for cases of bi-lateral cruciate ligament, luxation of the patella, knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis.It is also used to protect the good knee.It can be used both as an alternative to surgery, and in post-surgery (TTO, TTA, TPLO, DeAngelis).
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